Friday, 23 December 2011

The One-Link Lowdown on...Lindsay Townsend!

There are two things I've loved doing these One-Link Lowdown interviews - making new friends and celebrating old one. Lindsay Townsend falls into the second category. As well as being a great friend, she's a terrific writer and a great inspiration to me. This year has been wildly productive for her - as well as her latest release, A Christmas Sleeping Beauty
,she's also released and re-released a huge number of other works, both contemporary and historical, including romances The Snow Bride - releasing in just a few days' time - and the medieval tale from Kensington Zebra, To Touch The Knight. So no more delay - it's time to hear from the lady herself. Take it away, Lindsay!

What would be your perfect day?
The day when the film rights for ‘To Touch The Knight’ are sold to Ridley Scott and my husband and I celebrate by jetting to Venice for a week.

Wouldn't that be fab? Fingers crossed! Okay, onto more everyday matters for now - what’s on your bedside table/nightstand?
A small lamp, glass of water, pills, books.

What’s your favourite piece of music?
I love music and couldn’t possibly choose a favourite piece! It depends on my mood.

I also happen to know you're an opera fan too, Lindsay - like me! Which household chore would you happily give up for ever?
Tidying up – I’m rather a hoarder.

What’s your favourite fruit, and what's the best way to eat it?
I love ripe, fresh nectarines that I can really sink my teeth into. I like to eat them in the bath!

The things people do in the bath...! So, tell me - what’s the best review you've ever had?
A Five Red Roses review at Red Roses for Authors for To Touch The Knight. 'The time of the Black Death was terrible for people in England and Europe. Townsend treats this period with honesty and sympathy. Parts of the book are perhaps dark because of the period but there is also a great deal of humour, fun and sensuality in this book, which should delight Townsend’s fans. I found it a thoroughly enjoyable read and the equal of her earlier knight books. This author is one to be followed as she carves a prominent place for herself on the historical list. If you enjoy medieval you must read this, because it is one of the best.'

What's your guilty pleasure?
Eating chocolate.

I'd go along with that one! If you'd like to know more about Lindsay and her enormous range of books and short stories, do pop along and visit her website here. Thanks for being my guest, Lindsay. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


  1. Thanks so much for featuring me on your amazing, zany blog, Jane! I'm honoured to be one of your friends.

    I've not had any word from Ridley Scott yet but I did hear yesterday that Ellora's Cave have accepted a medieval novella for their mainstream romance Blush line. And my 'Christmas Sleeping Beauty' is already out with Muse it Up and my most recent medieval historical romance, 'The Snow Bride' is appearing on Dec 27th. So this has been a busy 'working' Christmas for me.

    Happy Christmas Jane and to everyone!

  2. Fun interview, Lindsay. The bath seems a perfect place to eat that kind of fruit. I love to bite into fresh peaches the same way, but I swear, I need a bib, a towel, and yes, a washcloth when I'm done with it. Messy, but sweet!
    To Touch a Knight sounds like an engaging read. Best wishes for that movie contract!

  3. LOL Lindsay and Pat - I'm just the same! All those lovely peaches, plus and nectarines and the like, the jucier the better, but the have to be eaten leaning over the kitchen sink!

    Pat, it's good to see you! Thanks for coming along to see Lindsay.

    Lindsay - it's a total pleasure, as always!

    Jane x

  4. Thanks, Pat! (Peaches! Yum!)

    Thanks again, Jane!

  5. I read in the bath. I have regularly let the water get cold because I have to finish the next chapter. It is now fraught with danger as I read my Kindle. If I drop it in the water will it be ruined forever?

  6. I think that'd be a bye-bye to your Kindle, Jenny!

    Thanks for coming over to see Lindsay. Happy Christmas!

    Jane x

  7. Lindsay, so happy for all your success! I'm wishing you even greater success in the New Year.

    Strawberries, ripe plump strawberries would be my fave fruit in the bath.

  8. Hi Jenny, I read in the bath, too (when I'm not scoffing fruit)But I haven't dared to take our joint kindle in there.

    Hi Savanna - strawberries are partic delicious and ripe from the garden are just perfect.

    Thanks for coming over! Hope you're all having s super holiday time.