Saturday, 28 May 2011


Can it really be so long since my last blog? Well, yes, clearly it can!

It's not as if I haven't been doing much, either....! My motto, mantra and default position these days seems to be 'full on with the kids' because that's what I am right now - but you know what, that's okay. As all my friends with grown-up children keep telling me, we'll never get these days back again and so we're filling them to the max. As well as education at home and outside of the house, we're cramming in 'Richardson Family Days' wherever we can. A couple of weeks ago saw us at the Science Museum in London - wonderful fun! - and a month ago, one of the best days ever at Hampton Court Palace - history, a picnic and then a drink by the river before wending our way home....bliss.

Hampton Court, I should just mention, has one of the best living history ideas I've ever come across. Each day has an 'order of service,' using events from a part-real, part-imaginary day in the life of Henry VIII. So, we get not only to meet the King and his Queen - whichever of the Six we're intorduced to that day! - but we meet a lady-in-waiting, a discarded suitor, a member of the King's bodyguard, and we hear their story, too. I wish I could tell you the name of the actor playing Master Thin - Thynne? - the master of the King's household, right now. He's brilliant, funny, and sharp as a knife, too. He strode past some tourists studying a family portrait which included the ill-fated Prince Edward, and announced - 'fit as a fiddle, that lad! Won't see a day's illness in his life!' Gorgeous.

As as if that wasn't enough, I've just been on holiday. Check out Forest Holidays, and then picture me last week (if you've a strong stomach!) in my first ever experience of a HOT TUB! Not a thing I ever thought I'd enjoy, but boy was it ever relaxing. And coupled with the location on the edge of one of England's most beautiful forests, well - I'm telling you now, it's good for the body and the soul. Bliss!

Last but definitely NOT least, I'm about to start edits for my short story Edinburgh Fog with Muse It up. Can't wait!

I'll keep you posted.