Friday, 9 December 2011

The One-Link Lowdown on.....Celia Yeary

My guest today is writer Celia Yeary. Texas born and bred and proud of it, Celia is one of the loveliest people I know. Her own blog is like a favourite magazine you look forward to reading, with its mix of fun topics and thought-provoking articles about the world and its ways, as well as her thoughts on writing. I guarantee you're going to love this lady as much as I do - so read on!

Welcome, Celia! Okay, let's get right to it with my first question - what’s the naughtiest thing you've ever done?

Who will read this? If anyone I know in person reads this, then I will declare this document was hacked. Okay. I went topless on a small island just off the coast of Texas, close to Corpus Christi, around age 40. My girlfriend and I went by ferry boat over there with two other women friends to spend the afternoon looking for shells. The two of us were separated from the other two, and we decided this would be a good time to get a tan all the way to our waist. So, we did. The island was about the size of two city blocks, covered in sand dunes higher than our heads, and we knew no one else was over there. So, there. How many of you have done this and kept it secret?

Celia! I'd never have thought that of you - hang on, wait a minute - maybe not! Okay, I know the answer to this next question because you've told me about this before, but for the benefit of your new friends reading today - what’s the best job you've ever had?

I know you'll think I'm crazy, but the best job I ever had was teaching teenagers. Yep. That age that drives parents crazy much of the time. But I liked them, found them endlessly entertaining and inventive. I once said that my students were the most interesting people I knew. At times, I would gladly strangle a few, but sixteen-year-old kids wake up in a new world each day - their memory is short - and as a rule, they don't hold grudges.

Tell us three surprising things about yourself, one of which is a fib - and we'll try to guess the fib!

1. I was Homecoming Queen my senior year.
2. I am an honorary colonel in the U.S. Army.
3. As a teacher, I won a Spelling Bee in which all the teachers were the contestants - for the students' entertainment.

What’s on your bedside table/nightstand?

I'm answering this one because I don't have to think! My Kindle, a lamp, a vase of artificial purple flowers, a lace runner, and a framed photo of me and our first grandson when he was four months old. Oh, and a 3x5 card with a list of TV channels, a remote control, a flashlight, and a clock radio....a lot of dust.

What’s your favourite piece of music?

Hmmm, I cannot say. I do love Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake Ballet music, especially the dramatic theme song. And just as equally, I love Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton and Waylon Jennings. As far apart as you can get, but good music is good music! Oh, and Georgia by Ray Charles. That's three - sorry.

What your favourite sandwich, and where in the world is the best place to eat it?

This is so easy. Sliced ham, Pepper Jack Cheese, lettuce, red onion, spicy Dijon mustard, all on a croissant, with a glass of red wine, sitting in my recliner with my feet up, watching Megan on Fox News at noon. I'm a news junkie.

Who would you invite to your ultimate fantasy dinner party?

Kevin Costner, LaVyrle Spencer, Gary Cooper, Taylor Swift, Daniel-Day Lewis, Robert Duval, and Princess Kate.

What drives you seriously nuts?

For the contestants on Wheel of Fortune - okay, now you know how old I am - to say, "I am married to my husband," or the other way, "I am married to my wife." Really, now. Isn't this redundant and stupid? I have emailed Pat Sajak and Vanna White more than once to explain this faux pas and no one pays any attention. I correct them every time - under my breath - because my husband is tired of hearing me do this.

What’s the best review you've ever had?

My husband reads all my books and tells me how much he likes them. But not long ago, he wrote how he felt, and since it is so sweet and personal, I can't quote it verbatim. But he said that "when he looked at me sometimes, he wondered, do I really know this woman? She writes with such clarity, and emotion, and vividness that it makes me realize she has a depth and talent that I never imagined. How have I missed this?" He said much more, but that's enough for you to know how special this "review" is. It made me cry. He's my biggest and most loyal fan.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Just one? When there are so many? Okay, I would make myself Sophisticated. To be a Sophisticate does not include how one dresses, but how one speaks and acts toward others. But I'm a Texas girl, and while I am educated, I still have those countrified ways. I am simple and artless, and even though I've travelled all over Europe four times, and the Scandinavian countries, and other places, that does not mean I am worldly and urbane. I still see the world through rose-colored glasses. Not a speck of Sophistication in my entire being. I know a few women I consider Sophisticated, and trust me...I feel like I just walked out of the cornfield when I'm around them. So, I continue to say, "Well, bless your heart," and address people as "Sugar" or "Sweetheart", and cross my legs and swing one foot. Drats.

There you are - now you see why I think Celia is one of the sweetest, kindest, thoughtful and most inspiring people I know. Her latest publication is The Stars at Night a contemporary love story - set in Texas, of course - and you can find out more about it, read some reviews and enjoy an excerpt - as well as reading more about Celia herself - here at Desert Breeze Publishing.

And last but not least, can you believe Celia's fib was No. 1 - she wasn't Homecoming Queen in her senior year. Ah, well - you're still a princess to me, dear chum! Good luck with The Stars at Night, and with all your future projects.


  1. Jane, you're right. I love this woman and I've never met her. One day I'm gonna go topless when no one's around to see me. And I much prefer the company of teenagers to almost any other age group with the exception of an young "old" person who's kept themselves young! I'm not a small child person and teenagers and "seniors" have an honesty and zest for living unmatched by most of my own age group. And I'm a southern girl (which is sort of like a Texas girl) -- what you see is what you get. I can move in more sophisticated society, but it's not near as much fun. Loved the interview. And I've love to meet you Celia (other than from the blog, I mean.)

  2. Aw, bless. I agree. I've known Celia for some while - and she is a genuinely lovely person! And a lovely interview, too, Jane! :) xx

  3. There are a handful of people I've met online I'd truly love to meet. Celia is on this list. Great interview, Jane.
    Celia, your husband is a keeper. Give him a big hug from me.

  4. Great interview ladies - and I love your Blog Jane, I need to visit more often!

    Oph Celia, I would never have imagined you'd go 'topless' on a beach, but then you were obviously very discreet! :)

    Wishing you even greater success in the future,

  5. Wonderful interview Celia! Topless! Very risque! Enjoyed the interview immensely.

  6. I loved your husband's review. You're a lucky woman to have such a great guy.
    I can't believe you went topless on a beach--at 40. Lots of us are brave at twenty, even 30 but, *gulp*, 40? That's gonna really stick in my head now. LOL
    Why in the world would you want to be a rigid, pretentious, insincere sophisticate? I prefer the charm and delightfully candid sincerity of unsophisticated Southern women.
    I loved reading your blog. You're such a treasure, Celia.

  7. This is my third attempt to post my comments. But I DO want to have my say. Good morning, Jane and Celia. First, let me say that this was the most refreshing interview I have read...ever. And it was made more so by the candid answers of my good friend Celia. I choked up when I read Jim's comments. He is quite a guy. And I loved teaching the "dreaded-by-all" teens also. I do have one question, Celia. How large is your bedside table? Linda (posted for Linda because she and Yahoo had a battle this morning and could not get her comment up--thanks so much Linda!)

  8. Hi, Gail! You sound like someone I'd love to meet, too. I love little bitty children, but just to look at. Generally, they don't like me much. They love my husband! Go figure.
    Yes, and like you and teenagers, I also like the elderly. (I'm getting close!). I have a little friend, tiny lady, way up in her 80s, who is the most intriguing person you'd meet--lived her whole life in diplomatic service for the US and lived all over Africa and India, etc. Boy, does she have stories to tell.
    We should all have a big party somewhere--Jane's house, perhaps?

  9. SHERYL--you're too generous--except the part about Jane...she is a doll. Man, I'd love to meet her.Thanks for visitiing.

  10. Celia! I have to say I'm a bit shocked. Kudos to you for having the nerve! I did guess your fib and I feel you with the sophisticated thing.

    Great interview!

  11. ADELLE--and you, too! Like I said, we should all get together at Jane's house! A little far for some of us, but we can dream.
    I didn't want to shock anyone...I thought surely everyone has done something similar...Believe me, for me, there was not much to see!

  12. Hywela--VERY discreet is the key word here. I would never have done such a thing if I didn't know only the four of us were on that tiny island. The ferry brought us over, and we were the only ones on the ferry, and the man said we were the first visitors of the day.
    I was very staid until I turned 40...with the help of these wonderful friends--who are still my friends--they taught me to loosen up and "trash out." Never have figured out exactly what that meant.

  13. P.L.--oh, not so risque.These friends and I had been on trips together, stayed in the same room, and well, become very acquainted that way. Besides, it wasn't my idea! Peer pressure made me do it.

  14. SARAH--oh, he is the gentleman, for sure--but funny, even though a little dry witted.
    At twenty I was Little Miss Prim and Proper. My 40th birthday brough a daring I'd never thought of before. Still, as I said, there wasn't much to see!
    Well, yes southern/Texas women do have a certain pleasing personality, for the most part...but I sure know when I'm in the company of a sophisticate--or at least, a "wanna-be."

  15. Hi Celia,
    You are sophisticated Texas, for sure. I think it's great that your favorite job was teaching teenagers.

  16. Engaging and interesting as ever, Celia and Jane!

  17. First, no, I can't believe Number one was her fib. She's beautiful. And judging by her answers I'd have to say she is not onlly sophisticated, but humble.

    I just turned 40...I think I'll find that little island (I'm a TX girl, too) and get a head to waist tan. LOL!

    Author of Concilium, available July 2012
    Concilium: The Departure, November 2012

  18. Congratulations on a warm and lovely interview. As a native (displaced) Texan myself, I think I know that little island but never had the nerve to bare my boobies! Kudos to you.

  19. GAIL--I like that term...sophisticated Texas.
    That still a whole different category, but hey! I'll take it. You can't take Texas out of the girl.

  20. Sandy Ruth...if you're a Texan...or were surely know the island--it's around Port Aransas. Now you know? Thank you for your comment..and I was brave that one day...never, ever again!

  21. MICHELLE--you're adorable for saying such a sweet thing. So...if you're 40 you should be initiated...go to the coast, find Port's a piece of cake from there....ask and they'll tell you.
    Thanks for the wonderful comment.

  22. LINDSAY--do you think we're two of a kind? No...opposites....but opposites attract! Thanks.

  23. As soon as I get shopping, cards done and tree up, I'm ordering your new book - it sounds so great. I'll curl up and read it this month after Christmas. I love what you said is on your nightstand because mine gets dusty too. Great interview - thanks ladies.

  24. Celia, I can't think why you'd want to be a sophisticate, I love you the way you are and have never met you, but your personality shines across the ether.
    Great interview ladies. Thank you.

  25. Celia! I'm so thrilled and delighted to see so many lovely people turn out to say hello to you - and I'm not in the least surprised, either! It's always a joy to spend time in your company, m'dear, and I suspect you've made some new friends today too. THANK YOU, everyone who's popped in today - and I'll host that party at my house any time you like!

    Jane x

  26. DIANE--YEAH, I'd love to see a night stand that wasn't dusty. You can tell I use mine--we read and watch TV in bed late at night.
    Thank you for the interest in The Stars at Night. I like the story..and I sure hope you do, too.

  27. SHERRY--yes, it'd difficult to disguise our personalities. The internet may seem cold, but no...I think we know and learn a lot about each other. Love it! And again...congratulations on your new release. Thanks for visiting...

  28. JANE--NEW FRIENDS, old friends... all the same. I always expect new ones to soon move into the category of "old."
    You have a great format here, with your One-Link Lowdown. It's catchy and unique...I think you'll gain a big audience with this. I loved it--nothing serious, and no real promoting the book. What else should we need? Only on-link....and the lowdown on the author. Genius.

  29. Celia,
    Never be other than your self. That's the best.

  30. This sounds like it was so much fun to put together! Trust Jane to come up with such interesting questions and Celia to have all the intriguing answers! I hung on every word.


  31. SANDY--there's little I can do but be myself. Good advice...guess what? I'm reading A Fool's Fool and loving it. Can't decide if Jason should be with Kathy or Allyson. I'ma little mixed up there. Talk later...when I finish it!Celia Yeary-Romance...and a little bit 'o Texas

  32. MAGGIE--I'm glad you liked it. I agree--Jane is so creative, I'm a little jealous. Wish I'd come up with this format.

  33. Oh, my goodness! This is one of the best, no scratch that, it IS the best interview I have ever had the privilege of reading. I was in awe at the topless part (I could never do that!), I teared up re your husband's words, I smiled at the cornfield comment.

    Thank you, Celia, and Jane! Kudos, kudos, kudos.

  34. Thank you to everyone who popped in last night/today to see Celia, I'm so glad you enjoyed the interview!

    Jane x