Monday, 1 August 2011

Proper Kulture Like!

Heavy on the culture this weekend for the Richardson clan. Sunday was picnic and Shakespeare in the park with The Comedy of Errors - laugh-a-minute and perfect fodder for my two kids.

Saturday, however, saw us at the Royal Albert Hall for this year's BBC Family Prom - the cast of the Horrible Histories programme with the (occasionally shoe-horned in!) History of Classical Music. As Mathew Baynton's 'King of Bling' Charles II would say - 'party, anyone?'

History was never like this when I was at school. I think of my two high school history teachers who would have quite possibly spontaneously combusted if we'd suggested anything of the sort. Based on the wonderful books by Terry Deary, the whole Horrible Histories concept has moved one glorious step further with the award-winning sketch show. And quite right too. Here's another of my favourites. I know, I'm spoiling you.

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