Friday, 5 August 2011

Coming Soon - The One-Link Lowdown

The One-Link Lowdown is a new blog feature I plan to start up towards the end of the month, here at Home Is Where The Heart Is.

I'll send interested writers a bunch of miscellaneous and occasionally faintly whacky questions, and they'll choose which ones to answer. The idea is for them to answer in a way that will grab readers the way they want them grabbed - to intrigue them, make 'em laugh, or maybe even scare the bejeepers out of them - whatever each writer thinks their potential readership would love.

We won't clutter up each blog post with endless web-links, but we'll let the writer's personality as a writer shine through. Then, we'll post ONE LINK ONLY to wherever the writer wants their readers to go next - that could be to a website, to an extract to read or maybe an interview or a contest - or just cut to the chase to a 'buy' link, whatever the writer chooses.

So, that's just ONE LINK, every FRIDAY, starting from late August. I'll give priority to new releases, and I especially love highlighting brand new authors. I'll cover all genres except erotica and inspirational, and if it's a romance, then m/f only, please.

Interested in participating? Great! Mail me at, I'll send you the questions, and we'll go from there!

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