Friday, 18 May 2012

The One-Link Lowdown on...April Grey

My guest today is speculative fiction writer April Grey.  Her fiction regularly appears in journals, magazines and anthologies, and her most recent novel, the urban fantasy Chasing The Trickster is published by Eternal Press. 

April is a fan of comic and sci-fi conventions, and now gets an extra kick out of them by being able to visit with her son!  She describes her imagination as 'twisted,' so if you're a lover of steampunk, horror, science fiction and fantasy, then you'll want to check out her stories right away.  Welcome, April!

If you could retrieve one thing from your childhood, what would it be? My comic book collection.

I should have guessed!  April, what’s the naughtiest thing you've ever done?

Had sex al fresco in the sand dunes. Believe me, sand and a sun burnt back don't mix.

Tell us three surprising things about yourself, one of which is a fib - and we'll try to guess the fib!

a) I gave birth to my son at the age of 40.

b) I have a Ph.D. in Theatre Studies.

c) I attended a boarding school in Europe where Mary Queen of Scots once stayed.

Who would you invite to your ultimate fantasy dinner party?

Feminist-Surrealist writer and artist Leonora Carrington, Leonard Cohen, Leonard Nimoy and the Dalai Lama

What talent or skill would you love to have that you don’t have now?

I'd love to be able to paint in watercolors, oils and acrylics.

I have to say that would be my choice, too.  To be able to paint beautifully from life or from imagination would be fantastic.  Tell me now, April - what drives you seriously nuts?
The corporate take-over of America leading to the destruction of our natural resources.

Which animal do you think you’re most like, and why?
I remember reading the children's story of Ferdinand the Bull. I feel like that bull sometimes, and my zodiac sign is Taurus. I just want to sit peacefully under the cork tree, but then a damned bee has to sting me.

You're given a time travel machine - where would you go, and why?

I'd warn myself to not vaccinate my son. It took ten years to restore his damaged immune system.

There must be many of us who wish we could go back and warn ourselves of so many consequences in life.  April, if you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I'd not have celiac disease.

Having a family member with the same disease, I totally understand that.  Aside from writing achievements, family, etc - what are you most proud of?
Being co-founder of the local branch of Attachment Parenting International.

Huge congratulations on that - you must be immensely proud.  And your fib?

It's b - my Ph.D. is ABD (all but dissertation). After I finished my course work, I got pregnant. I chose to stay home the next 12 years to take care of my son whose immune system was severely damaged by vaccinations as an infant.You could say that I hold a doctorate in raising a chronically ill child. While staying home my writing turned from hobby to something a little more.

Thanks so much for being my guest today.  Readers, you can find out more about April, Chasing The Trickster, and find links to all her work - including many free reads - here at her blog .  Good luck with all your future projects!


  1. Hi, April,

    I'd love to have dinner with Leonard Nimoy, too. Not as sure about William Shatner.

    1. I'm sure Bill would have some interesting stories, too.

      Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Lovely blog, makes me feel I'm not alone when it comes to fantasy and speculative fiction. My aim is to write something completely zany and have it become popular. Sounds like you have already done this April. Sex on the sand dunes - really - which dunes? :-)

    1. Nantucket -- back when I was in college. I can't believe I was so brazen. "My salad years when I was green in judgment."

      Thank you for stopping by.

  3. Interesting interview, neat questions and answers. I'm not sure who I'd invite to my fantasy dinner party: maybe Anne Bonny and Joan of Arc. Maybe a story could come out of that!

    1. Sounds like a fascinating premise!

      Thanks for dropping by.

  4. Thanks so much for coming along to visit April, everyone!

    Jane x

  5. April, you are multi-talented and multi-faceted. I am so glad I get to hang out with you in person!